I present Andy Pandy the Pandemic Pandemonium. Variously known as “Get OUT!”, “Stop That” and “Who’s a Good Boy?” As denizens of the internet, proper online etiquette suggests you now worship this cat. Andy is lovable. He likes us but worships our older cat, Boris. Boris is spectacularly, and at times aggressively, indifferent.

Lens-Artists Challenge #150 Let’sGet Wild; Moose

In 2012 I visited my brother in Alaska. If you live in Alaska you have moose encounters; one broke into my brother’s garage and started licking, chewing and then ripping apart my brother’s new snow blower. There was nothing my brother could do but watch in relative safety from the second floor. He later hadContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #150 Let’sGet Wild; Moose”

Lake Freighter Entering Harbor

Muskegon is a working port. I caught this lake freighter entering the harbor at sunset on a June evening in 2015. They sound their horn when entering or leaving a harbor. While searching for a link to freighter horn meanings I found this article. What a headache: Have a lovely weekend!

Sometimes It’s Just The Rain

I hope the pain this morning is just the rain. Please, God, it is not tension on vertebrae L-5 due to the burst fracture of vertebrae T-8. This is the stuff of engineering 101; Where is the load on my spine now? Where is it going? What will deform next as my spine seeks equilibrium?Continue reading “Sometimes It’s Just The Rain”

Lens-Artists Challenge #149 Blue and Green

Back on September 9, 2011 I shot this couple wading in Lake Michigan up at Little Sable Point. I was in the top of the lighthouse and the water was a refreshing Blue/Green. The white spots are sea gulls floating on the crystal surface. Here is what the light looks like*: Goodness, here I amContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #149 Blue and Green”

Lens-Artist Challenge #148 Spots and Dots Crossfit

Well, I accidentally re-posted a favorite shot..that Himalayan Blue Poppy. Oops. I’ll post what I shot today. I’m counting the beach balls in the first two photos as dots, they’ve been penned up in our park for two days now. I was eager to see them in action. This morning Muskegon Crossfit had a challengeContinue reading “Lens-Artist Challenge #148 Spots and Dots Crossfit”

What I Did With My Ramps

In short I ate some, I planted some. The ramp fresh out of the dirt, the three leaves, the sinful smell.  Then the first bite of the year, into the raw ramp bulb.  The richly nuanced sensations which cross the tongue, then fill the entire mouth, the full brain after that, the quick shot down the entire spinal cord and into the pulse of springContinue reading “What I Did With My Ramps”