I present Andy Pandy the Pandemic Pandemonium. Variously known as “Get OUT!”, “Stop That” and “Who’s a Good Boy?”

As denizens of the internet, proper online etiquette suggests you now worship this cat.

Andy, the most, stubborn, hard headed cat on the internet.

Andy is lovable. He likes us but worships our older cat, Boris. Boris is spectacularly, and at times aggressively, indifferent.

Boris (Bastra’s Boris of Youschef) and Andy (Lysander of Lonecat)

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17 thoughts on “Lysander

    1. Ah..the correct response! He’d like it if you rolled one of his felted balls for him to fetch..or better yet, he has a ‘sparkly thingie’ on the end of a wand he is absolutely mad about.

  1. Among my very early memories is my first “pet”, a hormonally obese (maybe pregnant?) and lethargic, all white stray cat that took up residence in the back washroom of our tiny house in Tokyo. I was just starting to talk. My mom was sweeping at the cat with a broom and saying, “Out cat!”, in English. I decided that it would be funny to call the cat with the same words that my mom used to expel it… so I called to it, “Outcat”. I recall her then trying to explain to me in Japanese what she was saying in English, and my just laughing because I totally understood my own joke.

    1. Good true citizen of the internet response! They’d like you. They like it when we have company. They outrageously flirt with our guests.

    1. I hate to say, TS Elliot was right.

      Boris, “Bastra Boryea of Youschef”, is a washed out show cat and retired stud. I got him because I had adopted his son. After they were apart for five years they easily came together after the death of Wynton’s friend, Marcellus. Wynton howled for two weeks so I bought his Dad, Boris, for a song. Boris, aka DaddyBobo aka, Boborino, aka Booooooooooooooris, said when he is being naughty.

      Had another cat, Emmerson. My ‘mom’ gave him a first name, “Dammit” to go with Emmerson but she also had a last name for him, “You little sh*t.”. She’d come to stay with us for a long while. I’d be at one end of the house getting ready for work and she’d be at the other end singing out his full name.

      1. When I had a house in France, my grandchildren brought home a dog which had attached itself. I entered a discussion re how to name him with the suggestion “Piss of”. This was Bowdlerised as Po.

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