Frail Aristocrat of Time

Fallen Cherry Blossoms

She Sped As Petals Of A Rose

She sped as petals of a rose
Offended by the wind.
A frail aristocrat of time
Indemnity to find.
Leaving on nature a default
As cricket or as bee.
But Andes in the bosoms where
she had begun to lie.

~ Emily Dickensen

It got up to 80 degrees today.

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14 thoughts on “Frail Aristocrat of Time

    1. Ah..dry Denver heat. It was so nice to get up the canyon to color weather.

      How is fire season this so far year? We had a big dunefire yesterday. People, meaning locals, forget West Michigan burned the same day Chicago burned back in the 19th century. We live surrounded by water …but it’s happened before.

    1. Yes! I agree!

      There is a little daisy that grows straight up from the grass and blossoms..ox-eye? People treat it as a weed.

      I LOVE when the blossoms make a preppie potpourri on my lawn…pink and green..don’t think I could get any more prep if I tried!

      1. It’s wonderful that you have a cherry blossom tree on your lawn.
        As for the daisy: ‘The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.’ I’ve never looked upon daisies as weeds. They make me smile; maybe not as widely as cherry blossoms do but still, I smile. 🤓

    1. Thank you. We think of the flowers as ‘dead’ yet they have a few days of beauty reclining in the grass and then they become food for next year’s cherry blossoms. 🙂 It really is a lovely tree with lovely blossoms in a beautiful world.

  1. Woowww…..
    I wholeheartedly agree with you……
    Even after the death , the beauty of flower doesn’t die, for it comes in new form,with new life the another year…..
    Yes, it indeed is a beautiful tree in beautiful season……

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