Lake Freighter Entering Harbor

Muskegon is a working port. I caught this lake freighter entering the harbor at sunset on a June evening in 2015. They sound their horn when entering or leaving a harbor.

While searching for a link to freighter horn meanings I found this article. What a headache:

Have a lovely weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Lake Freighter Entering Harbor

    1. He was passing the light so the Coast Guard required it there, BUT you CAN get them to honk their horn at you just as if they were a trucker on the Interstate. Somewhere I have a vid of my Nephew standing on the pier doing the international ‘toot toot’ sign that all drivers who like children know. The freighter blows the horn and my nephew is so happy he dances. I should upload that…hope I didn’t loose it.

    1. It is a lovely sound. We were once camping at the Grand Haven (Michigan) Channel when in the middle night a freighter came in. They are required to sound their horns. It is very scary to be startled awake in your wee, feeble tent by a loud horn maybe 30-40 yards away from pillow. In your sleepy mind all you know is it sounds bigger than you and it’s bearing down on you. πŸ˜€

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