Dreams of Michigan


DSC_6807 WP Water 2016 copy

Liquid. Boy Howdy, we got it in spades. These men are wading in Lake Michigan. I shot it from the top of the Little Sable Point Lighthouse back in 2016.



Summer’s Lease

DSC_5108 WP Water 2018 copy

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
~ Shakespearre
Every summer has a story. These friends are writing a fine one to carry them into old age. They are goofing around down at the local sailing club where they spend most of their time sailing, swimming, rowing and … fishing.

May in Oceana

I don’t live in an orchard but they are a short 40 minute drive from my home in the dunes. Orchards are just one of the many things that make West Michigan, where I live, unique.

DSC_4339 Word Press Apple Orchard Bloom BW

Light breaks where no sun shines.
~ Dylan Thomas


Early Spring Bliss

Aaaaand then I ran the colorful forsythia shots through the BW filter in Elements.

WP FB 2018 Wynton Porch Forsythia BW_3547

It became a different story.

One of these days I’m going to release my photos during the actual week of the challenge.


A Burst of Sunshine

WP 2018 Apr Wynton Porch Forsythia**_3540

Still life, forsythia

I swapped some pruned twigs from our Japanese Cherry trees for a basket of bare forsythia. I put the naked forsythia twigs in water while the ground was still covered with snow.  And then one morning….a burst of sunshine.

Wynton was not impressed.

WP FB 2018 apr Wynton Porch Forsythia_3545

Wynton posing

I can’t tell you how happy this simple afternoon made me; the rare early spring sunshine, the burst of forsythia, a happy cat, music, returning birds outside the window, a computer…bliss.


Love Lines

WP Lines Nick and Essie2021

I shot this during the memorial for my “Mama” back in March. When I look at this shot of my nephew and fiancé, my eye wanders about the frame, following all the lines. I intended to post epic landscape photos of striated cliff formations for this challenge but this quiet shot will do.


Sea Purslane

WordPress 2018 Feb 1 Bay Side Sea Purslane1 copy


Sea Purslane forms an important and primary function in dune creation. Salt tolerant, it sets roots just above the high tide line. Sand-carrying wind hits the plant, slows slightly and drops the sand it is carrying. That helps build the dune and in time bring in other plants. It is an important part of beach re-newal.

It is edible. Sea Purslane was widely used by Native Americans. The stems were eaten raw or pickled, or cooked in two or more changes of water to reduce its saltiness. I find them a visual fractal delight. These growing on the quieter  bay side of St. George Island, Florida last January.




A Little Madness In The Spring

2018 Frozen April Hyacinth3418 copy

2018 April 18 Sleet and Snow

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown—

Who ponders this tremendous scene—
This whole Experiment of Green—
As if it were his own!

2018 Frozen April Hyacinth3414 copy

2018 April 18 Frozen Hyacinth


Waiting for it all to melt away, somewhere in the dunes.

Happy 108th of January

DSC_3458 copy

DSC_3454 copy


You may be happy but are you King Charles Spaniel, trotting along the beach with you favorite toy happy?

WORDPRESS Jan 18 King Charles Spaniel1 copy

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
~ Will Rogers

Some dogs on the beach are like kids at DisneyWorld, they are so happy they make me smile.


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