I seem to always be behind on word challenges. “Dense” was from March 29. Right away I knew I wanted to use this, this is my newest addition to my art collection; Catnado. As you can see it is dense with cats!

IMG_6988 WP DENSE Heartside II Catnado

I took some supplies to the Heartside Ministries in Grand Rapids last week. I have been following this artist’s work for two years. I don’t always make it into town for First Friday’s, (Co-ordinated city-wide Gallery Openings), and so have missed out on some of her great cat-centric pieces. This time I was the first customer and I snagged it. My heirs may not fight over this tempera piece yet it brings me joy. It makes me smile. Had it been dry, JVD’s ‘Weather Cat’ would also have went home with me.

IMG_6976 DENSE WP Heartside I

I love her hair and ‘ears’. She is quite gregarious and we discussed many things cat.

The Heartside is near St. Mary’s Hospital, just south of downtown. It is a place with missions and art galleries. I have artist friends who live in lofts in the area and through visiting them I became aware of Heartside Ministry and their work. I’ve included a link that shows their history and the services they provide the homeless and disenfranchised.

The Heartside area itself is rapidly changing, as with other cities renewal begins when the artists move in. The ‘Arena District’, Van Andel Arena and it’s many attendant parking garages and restaurants, is pressuring the Heartside from the North and like all urban areas it will change with gentrification.



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Edit: Goodness but I was having trouble with wordpress formatting today, anyone else? Me write goodly…some day. :p

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go.

~ Disney’s Mary Poppins

IMG_7010 2017 Apr 6 Fly a Kite Beach copy

Sunset tonight was 8:14, that fact alone made this kite, I had to step over the string at one point, the most glorious, highest flying kite ever known to man. It’s SPRING!

Atmospherics were odd tonight, gale today, increasing winds through the night, the ceiling a bit lower than usual with clouds scudding right along and the blessed sun shooting warm gold through the remains of the day creating so much magic in those fleeting moments. While the trees, the dune grass, the foam on the waves and the children’s hair, were all kissed with gold, the rest of the scene was blue. It was as though I was wearing bottle blue goggles, I kept checking the equipment for white balance but that sets the camera, not the air. I know. The camera merely verified what I saw; blue, lots of blue, shot through with bursts of tangerine, cerise, gold and plum.

This far north, near all this water and moisture-filled air, when the rays are low and day is done sometimes it feels as if the Empress of the North gets out her paint pots and plays with colors on the dunes, sands, and trees but on special evenings she will color the very air around you. It is magical. And it goes by quickly so savor it. This was a rich perfectly ripe Bing cherry on my sundae of the day.

IMG_7035 Blue copy


I must mention, this is not snow in this photo. All snow and ice are gone, this is the sand blushing blue in the blue air. It is the quality of the light. I’ve never lived anywhere where one night the air is pink on another night it is blue, but, most nights it hides the crazy and passes for normal. I should look up the causes of these color variations, something something water droplets something something prism, but think I’d rather just be thankful.

Don’t know the song lyrics? Here’s a blast from your grandmothers past. When I saw those colors, those kids and that kite it made me so very happy and I sang this song.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite ~Disney’s Mary Poppins


Muskegon’s First Con

“Don’t Make Him Mad! This young Hulk was found last Saturday at Muskegon’s first Con.  His game face is so compelling and he was perfect for the ‘Easy being green’ challenge but there were so many excellent costumes that I chose to show the rest of the SciFi, Anime and Fantasy characters in black and white. I could not choose just the green. It was all good!

IMG_6488 copy

I took around 400 photos so the 30 that really made me smile are less than 10 percent. I had a hard time cutting out happy people as it was. There were many wonderful costumes. I’ll start with Star Wars, the resistance:

Star Wars, the Empire, boy howdy kids LOVE Darth Vader. Go figure.:

I have no clue who this fabulous character is.

IMG_6379 copy

Poison Ivy? She was so deliciously green, and who doesn’t love some Mad Max? Uh, is that Mad Max?

IMG_6478 copy
I believe the person on the right is one of the manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins from Full Metal Alchemist, one of my favorite Animes. Is that young man Edward?

IMG_6455 copy

Suicide Squad?

IMG_6332 copy

IMG_6294 copy

I love this young Harlequin:

IMG_6335 copy
Dig the elf ears:
IMG_6229 copy

Frozen, Part II

IMG_6344 copy

Ghost Busters shopping:
IMG_6360 copy

This is a friend, Michael, who ran a booth with his wife, Liz, seen in an earlier photo with Darth Vader in their booth. I have worked with them both in professional theater. Aside from day jobs as a theater technician and an accompanist/music teacher, they write and perform murder mysteries and construct Steam Punk costumes and accessories.

IMG_6185 copy

Not only Muskegon’s first Con, it was my first Con. I have nothing to compare it to but I was pleased by the CoSplay, entire families were out dressed in costumes from home made (quite a few very nice home made ones actually) to store bought, from simple to elaborate. I’m glad something like this is trickling into West Michigan and I hope for a bigger Con next year.

* Note, Con goers, the theme of the challenge was How Easy it Was to Be Green. I loved that Hulk, was going to add Poison Ivy but there were too many great characters so I added them in black and white.

How green it is, more green posts

The World Atop My Dune

You are looking at what is on the other side of the dune that protects me and mine. One photo could not contain it.



When people ask where I live I reply, “One dune back from Lake Michigan.”
I often speak of how cozy I feel nestled against my wooded dunes, safe from gales that rake the shore. I fall asleep hearing the song of Michigan’s waters.

When I saw the photo challenge ‘Atop’ I HAD to share this part of my world. Yes, I am blessed.


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New Blog for Sailing


I worked a bit on it last night, set up a new email, new blog, new font, new look, some carefully chosen sailing shots then lost all the work because I forgot to initialize the blog. I’m sure you have been there, done that, wept copiously.

I decided to change the name of it anyway because we sailors cannot be encumbered by the thought process when there are parts to be repaired, brass to polish, bottoms that need sealed and sailing expenditures that need to be hidden from spouses. I chose the most simplistic name I could think of and get away with for free and so kims sailing photos toddles into being. (No apostrophe for kims as those are too hard to type into the URL space…amirite?)

Visit if you like, let me know what works, what dead-ends, so far only one post as my eyes are now tired. I set it up because all the other sailors wanted to see the photos of their boats and crews. It may be of limited interest to others.

DSCN5469 Bruce, Van, Phil

I wish for a great sailing season, and I hope the photos website works well. Thanks!

Fair Winds and Following Seas

And on a perfect early summer evening in June of last year this family sent up a memorial wish for a loved family member. Blessings of fair winds and following seas on his journey.

More Wishes Here


DSC_0067 2017 March Gale BW copy

Same gale, different vantage. That ‘graininess’ in the foreground is scouring sand being blown at 25-30 MPH sustained winds with higher gusts. Lens filters were made for this.

March Gale

As my nephew says, “The Lake is angry today.” It’s been unusual weather, a big low up in Canada brought us gale winds…but no storm. Inland a lot of people lost power but I’m good tonight, here in the dunes.

DSC_0360 2017 March Gale FB WP recrop copy

For the record this is what Lake Michigan looked like yesterday when I shot the protected flowers in the back yard. It is still howling but I love being close to the sea, salt or no.

Edit: Crop

Catching Sun Beams

Snowdrops and crocus copy


The golden crocus reaches up

To catch a sunbeam in her cup.

~ Walter Crane

We had gale winds today and Lake Michigan was roaring on the other side of the dune but this was going on in our back yard. The grass and earth smell so sweet!

Road’s End

This is looking down on the old Eastpoint/St. George Island causeway from the newer one. The barrier islands are dynamic and always changing. I don’t know which hurricane took out the old causeway.



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