Lens-Artist Challenge #143: Colorful Spring

The larger bulbs, tulips and daffodils, get all the acclaim but I love the ‘minor bulbs’ of Spring, small flowers that come earlier even as the snow is still on the ground, flowers such as the early crocus I posted last week. Snowdrops (Galanthus) are the earliest in my gardens. Unlike my loudly cheerful crocusContinue reading “Lens-Artist Challenge #143: Colorful Spring”

Lens-Artists: #142 You Pick It!

Crocuses. I feel a bit guilty about these non-native early bloomers yet they have been here for generations and pollinators feed on them. They were already well established when Emily Dickinson wrote of them in the 19th century: The feet of people walking homeWith gayer sandals go-The Crocus-till she risesThe Vassal of the snow-The lipsContinue reading “Lens-Artists: #142 You Pick It!”

“Shivering, Quivering, Warm Breath of Spring”

You’ll find them by the water’s edge their toes dug deep in frozen sands. Pussy Willows, soft furry catkins the genus salix, are hard won harbingers of the end of winter. Pussy Willows, accompanied by a chorus of Spring Peepers, start the glorious symphony that is the Northern Spring.     From Wikipedia: The flowering shootsContinue reading ““Shivering, Quivering, Warm Breath of Spring””

The Rainbow Never Tells Me

The Rainbow Never Tells Me The rainbow is our reward for weathering the storm, a pathway for the messenger Isis, a bridge between Asgaard and Midgaard so gods could walk among men. In the Epic of Gilgamish it is the jeweled necklace of the Great Mother, Ishtar. It is Biblical: “I do set my bowContinue reading “The Rainbow Never Tells Me”