Sometimes It’s Just The Rain

I hope the pain this morning is just the rain. Please, God, it is not tension on vertebrae L-5 due to the burst fracture of vertebrae T-8. This is the stuff of engineering 101; Where is the load on my spine now? Where is it going? What will deform next as my spine seeks equilibrium?

Engineering stress is the applied load divided by the original cross-sectional area of a material. Also known as nominal stress.

True stress is the applied load divided by the actual cross-sectional area (the changing area with respect to time*) of the specimen at that load.

* This is what is known as the, “WTF, in High School I was captain of the football team! I had a body to die for!” factor.

Engineering strain is the amount that a material deforms per unit length in a tensile test. Also known as nominal strain.**

** This is what laymen refer to as “Oh, Mother of God, please, make the pain stop!

True strain equals the natural log of the quotient of current length over the original length as given by… ***

*** I got nothing. My head just exploded. Math is the language of physics and while physics simultaneously intrigues and frightens me I have no clue what’s going on. I embody the mental equivalent of “Don’t mind me, I’m just banging rocks together.”

This morning I would like to think I am a unique and individual human being blessed with singular gifts. Turns out I am just nominal strain’s b^tch. ****

**** Google Translate does not do Idioms well. Here is hoping this translates correctly.

Random faun in my favorite iris patch

While cowering under my blankets, hiding from the morning pain a neighbor came by to let me know there was a faun in my garden. This is the “Life still comes at you no matter what you are going through factor.” This is a dual factor; 1) Cute, or good, 2) In five years this faun could become 5-10 more deer ravaging my ‘sustaining native pollinators’ gardens or bad. Sometimes this factor just is; so much background actors sent up from Central Casting.

My husband came in and found me wandering in pain circles. When I shared my health concerns he looked at me with dumbfounded revelation. “I’ve been in a lot of pain today. Huh.” And so, he assuaged my fears, refilled his coffee and went back to tinkering on the boat.

Sometimes it’s just the rain.

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35 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Just The Rain

  1. I’m with the laymen. I don’t care what the cause is. If it hurts, it must stop — by whatever means necessary. Feel better soon, okay?

    1. Thank you…and it was just the rain. The timing of it all was interesting. I had began the post before the faun and before my husband admitting he had extra pain this am. It was a relief to both of us to know it wasn’t disease progressions.

      1. So life moved the plot along but it’s you who provide the structure. To your post, I mean. But hey, if you spota metaphor,, it’s all yours.

      2. Well…to a certain extent I guess we are responsible not just for the structure of our post, but the structure of our lives…until we get side swiped and then have to figure out how to put it all back together again. It’s those times of putting it all back together when we are judged more thoroughly..or it feels like it and good word…whatever am I nattering on about..

      3. Thank you. Bless you for saying it. It is a kick in the pants that I need. I’ve wasted my life in the arts…performance then teaching. My fourth grade teacher was so sure I’d grow up to be a writer. I’ve written several plays as fundraisers for HS and for students as an Artist in the schools. For the past few years I have had Physical Therapists and Doctors tell me I should write a book about navigating handicaps. I think I suck at being handicapped. I hate it. But I’m told I manage well. I am either procrastinating or practicing with this blog. Thanks again.

      4. Wonderful. Except that no, you haven’t wasted your life in the arts. Nothing is wasted, and look what you have learned along the way! (I’m supposed to be writing a memoir in prose and poems, hence the presumptuous long view.)

  2. Oh dear. I know the pain from rain and I wish that you and others did not experience it. I do hope you get some relief. I often pace when the pain gets to be to much and I understood exactly what you meant by pain circles. Hope the rain passes soon.

  3. There’s an old saying that “In youth the absence of pleasure is pain, in old age the absence of pain is pleasure.” In my old age, how well I’ve come to know that is true.

    1. Most times the pain wakes you BUT the times when you wake up, the sun is shining but your nervous system isn’t fully awake yet…that’s golden.

  4. Spero tanto che tu ti senta meglio, il dolore è molto difficile da sopportare ma con forza e pazienza si può superare.
    Forza!! Un abbraccio, Patrizia

    P.S. Molto bella la foto

  5. Love your fawn photo. Sorry about your pain. I’m glad it was “just” the rain. I understand rain pain well. Just went through a bout myself. Here’s to sunny days ahead!

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