Lens-Artist Challenge #147, Gardens

Flowers from my cutting garden. When you look at a lot of old (centuries old) Dutch Masters’ still life flower paintings Parrot Tulips are often included in their choice of subject flowers. Parrots are magnificently flamboyant, an eye catcher in any light. They get better as they age for before wilting they fully unfurl theirContinue reading “Lens-Artist Challenge #147, Gardens”

Lens-Artist Challenge #146 Focusing On The Details

We had a much needed rain this morning. I love the details of the falling rain and the droplets on one of our Japanese Cherry trees. Last night was the first Wednesday Night race of the season. The skipper of Bad Dog was short two hands and a new recruit made a minor mistake soContinue reading “Lens-Artist Challenge #146 Focusing On The Details”

Lens-Artist Challenge #143: Colorful Spring

The larger bulbs, tulips and daffodils, get all the acclaim but I love the ‘minor bulbs’ of Spring, small flowers that come earlier even as the snow is still on the ground, flowers such as the early crocus I posted last week. Snowdrops (Galanthus) are the earliest in my gardens. Unlike my loudly cheerful crocusContinue reading “Lens-Artist Challenge #143: Colorful Spring”

Lens-Artists: #142 You Pick It!

Crocuses. I feel a bit guilty about these non-native early bloomers yet they have been here for generations and pollinators feed on them. They were already well established when Emily Dickinson wrote of them in the 19th century: The feet of people walking homeWith gayer sandals go-The Crocus-till she risesThe Vassal of the snow-The lipsContinue reading “Lens-Artists: #142 You Pick It!”