Lens-Artists Challenge #152 Shade and Shadow: Spectra

‘Spectra’ Oct. 7, 2015 MYC Race

This is Spectra during a race back in 2015. There is so much wrong with this photo…but there is so much right. The lens-flare, the distortion of colors from an oddly-streaked, hazy sky play against cracking sharp shadows and silhouettes on sails and water.

This is after the race with sailors chilling and talking with people on other boats. The background boat has already taken down their jib while Spectra’s jib curls around her captain.


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19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #152 Shade and Shadow: Spectra

    1. Yes! I LOVE the structure, rhythm, flow of a racing sail. They are fascinating. I believe there is mylar in the sail of the SD and the setting sunlight is chasing along the lines. “Here we have two dragonflies stopping for a chat upon a sea of blue and gold.”

  1. A strict photographer might find the wrongs…I find so many eights and must agree with freiedenkerin’s comment! It’s alive!

  2. I agree 👆🏼. And think there is a curiosity about the photo and a story to tell. I wonder what they talk about. The race? The setting sun? Will they meet up tomorrow? One photo that tells a lot…well done. Donna

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