C-Scow Nationals Regatta

I’ve been gone for about a week and a half. I was spending all spare time processing the 1,100+ photos I took during the C-Scow National Regatta back on it’s first day, June 18. And what did we learn? You can meter for light conditions but when you are shooting outdoor sports where your angleContinue reading “C-Scow Nationals Regatta”

Lens-Artists Challenge #152 Shade and Shadow: Spectra

This is Spectra during a race back in 2015. There is so much wrong with this photo…but there is so much right. The lens-flare, the distortion of colors from an oddly-streaked, hazy sky play against cracking sharp shadows and silhouettes on sails and water. This is after the race with sailors chilling and talking withContinue reading “Lens-Artists Challenge #152 Shade and Shadow: Spectra”