The Only Constant

The summer ends, and it is time
To face another way.

Change Fest…Click Here!

(From The Summer Ends by Wendell Berry)

17 thoughts on “The Only Constant

    • I spend hours on end in the fall woodlands lost in the rich colors. I’ve been powering through other obligations so that I could have the next 3 weeks free to let fall wash over me.

  1. Lovely capture! I’m downunder in Australia and only this year went from not liking autumn to having it be my fav season of all. The change was because I stopped hating winter and I always saw Fall, as you say, as the gateway to that. So I completely agree with the concept of change being a constant 🙂

    • I just saw your photo with the acorn cap that suggests fall. Where I lived before fall was a one or two week affair but here in West Michigan it is a proper 2 month parade of exuberant colors accompanied by the scent of pumpkin and apples.

      • The popular culture says that pumpkins are an extremely popular icon of white culture here in the USA. I started writing more then realized that pumpkins are worthy of their own entry. If I put on the glasses of an outsider I don’t get it BUT having been born and raised in the USA I cannot get enough PUMPKIN!

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