Shiny II

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Another photo from MYC’s Summer Series, Wednesday, August 23.



Muskegon Yacht Club’s Wednesday night’s summer series, Aug. 23, Rampage, sailing on a sunbeam.
















Youth’s Endless Summer

Endless Summer for WP copy

The Youth Regatta was today. Remember when summer days lingered?


‘Then to the elements be free!’

“Then to the elements be free.” ~ Shakespeare

“Ooo, it’s raining, where’s my beer?” ~ Dunelight

The elements cleared the lawn party for the departing sailors of the Clipper Cup, a cross lake race from Muskegon, Michigan to Port Washington, Wisconsin.

More elementals

Edit: I wrote Port Townsend, that’s in Washington.

Fashion at Big Sable Point Lighthouse

I am blessed to have so many brilliant, young women in my life. Jeanette is the childhood BFF of my brilliant niece, Sarah. I ran into Jeanette again at Sarah’s wedding in Washington in June. As I am on the board that manages Big Sable Point Lighthouse, SPLKA, I invited Jeanette to a blog visit.

It brings me great joy to see the children I knew grow into young people with successful careers and in the blog world you can’t get more successful than Jeanette. From a humble beginning with a small camera, clothes closet and a tripod, she has built her blog into a powerhouse business that is sought for TV spots, fashion shows and blog seminars. Just recently her husband came on board as photographer and now they make their living from her blog.

Jeanette and her husband
Jeanette just published her first book and the day after she shot at Big Sable her agent scheduled her to record her book in Grand Haven. That is wonderful!

It gives me great satisfaction to watch them grow, these beautiful, brilliant children that pass through our lives.

Jeanette and her husband on the grounds of Big Sable Lighthouse

Jeanette, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do a shoot at Michigan’s grand old dame, Big Sable Point Light

Here is the link to Jeanette’s blog post about Big Sable Point Light:
J’s Everyday Fashion at Big Sable Point Light


If you, fellow blogger, would like to blog about our light, or any of our lights, and have a private tour or more, please, contact me through this blog post by commenting. Thanks!

Other blog takes on ‘satisfaction’

Apparell’d In Celestial Light

Two girls run headlong into summer, Ludington State Park, Michigan.

2017 Aug 1 Girls on Wood Path Woods Ludington **3 copy

There was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth, and every common sight
To me did seem
Apparell’d in celestial light,
The glory and the freshness of a dream.

~ Wordsworth

Lions’ Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Bridge, Vancouver, BC


In late spring I was lucky enough to take a bus from Bellingham, Washington up to Vancouver, British Columbia. I rented a bike and hit the town. This was one impressive structure coming and going along the bike path.


My Friend

I have been away. I did not intend to be gone so long. I saw and did marvelous things, met old friends, made new, had some great adventures, adventures that were served up with a side order of reality. Yeah, I can click my heels all I want but I’m still gonna wake up physically handicapped and should face future adventures with more wisdom than I currently practice. Moderation would be good too. So I did things. I paid for them.

The friend part? Backstory first, I once had a calico cat, if I had the flu, “Oh, Mommyperson, let me cuddle you and make you feel better.”, if I had a migraine, “Oh, Mommyperson, here, let me rub your head. I will make it better.”, if I was thrashing in agony (handicapped you know) she would come running into the room distressed, “Oh, Mommyperson, how can I help?” Like all calicos she was complex and crazy but if I was sick she was Calico Nurse Cat to the Rescue. I loved her.

This is Wynton, Destroyer of Worlds. Wynton could not give a rat’s arse about my health.

Friend for WP copy

I love Wynton.


I accidentally left my newest Terry Pratchett book on the plane. I hope whomever finds it is a Disc World virgin and thoroughly enjoys The Fifth Elephant. I was maybe 10 pages in.

Peace out, fellow traveler.

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