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I worked a bit on it last night, set up a new email, new blog, new font, new look, some carefully chosen sailing shots then lost all the work because I forgot to initialize the blog. I’m sure you have been there, done that, wept copiously.

I decided to change the name of it anyway because we sailors cannot be encumbered by the thought process when there are parts to be repaired, brass to polish, bottoms that need sealed and sailing expenditures that need to be hidden from spouses. I chose the most simplistic name I could think of and get away with for free and so kims sailing photos toddles into being. (No apostrophe for kims as those are too hard to type into the URL space…amirite?)

Visit if you like, let me know what works, what dead-ends, so far only one post as my eyes are now tired. I set it up because all the other sailors wanted to see the photos of their boats and crews. It may be of limited interest to others.

DSCN5469 Bruce, Van, Phil

I wish for a great sailing season, and I hope the photos website works well. Thanks!

Fair Winds and Following Seas

And on a perfect early summer evening in June of last year this family sent up a memorial wish for a loved family member. Blessings of fair winds and following seas on his journey.

More Wishes Here


DSC_0067 2017 March Gale BW copy

Same gale, different vantage. That ‘graininess’ in the foreground is scouring sand being blown at 25-30 MPH sustained winds with higher gusts. Lens filters were made for this.

March Gale

As my nephew says, “The Lake is angry today.” It’s been unusual weather, a big low up in Canada brought us gale winds…but no storm. Inland a lot of people lost power but I’m good tonight, here in the dunes.

DSC_0360 2017 March Gale FB WP recrop copy

For the record this is what Lake Michigan looked like yesterday when I shot the protected flowers in the back yard. It is still howling but I love being close to the sea, salt or no.

Edit: Crop

Catching Sun Beams

Snowdrops and crocus copy


The golden crocus reaches up

To catch a sunbeam in her cup.

~ Walter Crane

We had gale winds today and Lake Michigan was roaring on the other side of the dune but this was going on in our back yard. The grass and earth smell so sweet!

Road’s End

This is looking down on the old Eastpoint/St. George Island causeway from the newer one. The barrier islands are dynamic and always changing. I don’t know which hurricane took out the old causeway.


The Road Taken

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

We are back in the dunes and have again taken up our search for THE boat.


This isn’t it. This boat is probably one of the most photographed boats along Florida’s forgotten coast. The encroaching shadows of twilight seemed to highlight the dreamy possibilities.



On the Banks of the Ohio

Things that go good together….I was on my way south some 10 years ago, passing over the Ohio and through Louisville to parts warmer but was compelled to explore the water front. I thought this street lamp went well with the setting sun and bridge.


Just beyond those distant bridges are the Falls of the Ohio. I love and live for water. If you do too try and catch the falls in the spring. Woof. The Falls of the Ohio scare the shite out of me.  Powerful, thrilling stuff.

Interesting factoid, Louisville is a hub for UPS and FEDEX and so, here in the limestone farm fields of middle America, a thousand miles from any sea, you can get exquisitely fresh seafood, even raw bars with your choice of fresh oysters, fresh oysters from all over America, the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic, tasty in their varieties. Fascinating town is our Louisville.

More Good Matches

Causeway St. George Island – Eastpointe


Heading North

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