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Everyone gets involved in the parade and methods of transportation vary from Jeep to horse to float to wheelchair.


Christmas Town Awe

The kid on the right just caught sight of Jack Skellington, of Nightmare Before Christmas fame, riding on the Christmas Town float. I think that is his sister in the Lifesavers candy colored jacket, she too was really excited about Jack and had been rushing around the float waiting for the parade to start.

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Here’s Jack, the object of their awe and excitement:

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Jack Skellington WORDPRESS - 1 (1) copy

The character, Jack, was a Halloween Skeleton but he LOVED Christmas. This might have been my favorite float.

Today is Wednesday, it’s ‘Buy One, Get One’ day at Bigby’s Coffee, a Michigan institution (Take that, Starbucks!). Christmas season can be difficult, we often feel tremendous pressure to have the ‘perfect’ holiday for family and friends. Do something that brings you joy, even if it is nothing to do with Christmas, whatever you need to reset your equilibrium and bring you peace. For some people it is spending outlandish money to build a float, buy a costume, grab some friends and ride a float in the freezing rain to bring joy and awe to others. If you do this you don’t have time to bake cookies or clean the house but that’s not important. You CAN’T do it all, Hallmark is lying to you.

For me that reset button is dragging my husband to Bigby’s and buying a huge, usually Holiday themed (Pumpkin Spice for Halloween/Thanksgiving, Snowberry/whatever for Christmas), festive, well caffeinated coffee drink. It’s BOGO Wednesday! AKA Heavily caffeinated Wednesday!!

Then one of us spills our coffee drink in the car and the other rushes to clean it up. Human’s thrive on ritual and tradition. It’s what we do.

This Guy

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I don’t know if this was planned…the suit…the tractor…but I LOVE this guy!


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How does the song go, Rainy Days and Mondays? This young family had a great curbside seat and was waiting for the parade to begin.

Parade Bling

The Christmas light tiara and necklace are THE must have style of Christmas 2018!

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Portrait WP Pink - 1 copy2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Portrait WP Yellow - 1 copy

Waiting Scouts

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You usually see these utility trailers hauling everything from snowmobiles to junk cars. I prefer this load of 6-7 year old Cub Scouts patiently waiting for their part in the parade to begin.

Mr. Grinch

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Wonderful Grinch Float WORDPRESS 2 - 1 copy

The parade had several Mr. Grinches, this was the ‘furriest’. He was more popular than Santa!

Happy Float

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Wonderful Grinch Float WORDPRESS 1 - 1 copy
These girls were happy and eager to get the parade started while one of the moms gave last minute instruction.

Jingle Dogs

In America we love our pets. We dress them up and and parade with them.

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Happy Woman Dog WORDPRESS - 1 copy

There were so many happy dogs, ‘good boys’ in the parade. These two looked confused….but well behaved and festive.

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Boxer Dogs WORDPRES - 1 copy

Edit: After looking at the post I realize I *did* take photos of dogs that were thrilled to be in the parade. These are the shy ones.

Christmas in a Small Town

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Girls On Float WORDPRESS - 1 copy

On the first Saturday in December our neighbor to the south, Grand Haven (Pop. 10,500 ?) holds their annual Jingle Parade. The parade has grown over the years and it seems the whole town turns out to be in the parade. Actually, the entire Tri-Cities area,  Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysberg participate.

I’d like to post a couple of these happy, seasonal photos every day leading up to Christmas. I found so much joy that night of the Jingle Parade, despite the chill rain. Even if you celebrate Christmas it can be quite difficult at times to keep the cheer of the season. These photos of happy people made me happy. May they be my gift to you, a ‘lift’ for Yuletide.

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