12 thoughts on “Sheet Ice Muskegon Harbor

    1. Montreal, you’ve probably paddled the St. Lawrence Seaway then. I crossed over it on a bridge long ago before I took up sea kayaking.

      I am not a fan of freezing rain but I am amazed at the many forms ice takes on the Great Lakes in the Winter.

      1. Yep, and quite a lot of canoe touring on the lakes and so on of Northern Quebec and Ontario. The very last thing I did before hopping on a plane back across the Atlantic was a canoe trip with friends on Lake Ontario in a snowstorm, having packed my apartment in Montreal I visited friends in Toronto and flew from there. Still make visits back however, have been unable to cut the ties completely. Happily 🙂

      2. Not as much as I’d like to. My sea kayak is an 18′ epic touring. She’s a bit big for me but she knows where I want to go before I do and handles beautifully when laden for island camping. This past summer we took up crewing for sail racing. I love it, have much to learn but Tuesdays and Wednesdays were filled with sailing. We got up to Les Cheneux on Huron and had planned to do a bit around Drummond Island but conditions did not cooperate.(Don’t you hate planning and spending money to get somewhere and the weather won’t play along.) We pretty much moved here 3 years ago for easier access to water for kayaking…and took up sailing.

  1. sounds ace. I was sort of other way around, grew up with lots of sailing, little bit of kayaking.. now completely the reverse… but what with bicycles and kayaks there’s no time for sailing, haven’t owned a boat for years.

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