Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta

Layers of boats, buildings, bridges, flags and sailors! Life is a feast and sometimes when you start the week you have no way of knowing ¬†where you’re going to be on a Saturday night. You are looking at some boats gathered in front of the Ale House on the Milwaukee river for the 19th annualContinue reading “Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta”

Waiting In The ‘Tea Room’

I went to the Michigan Irish Music Festival this weekend. It was the 18th annual fest but I’d never been before. It falls on a weekend I was always on lighthouse duty. The festival was pretty nice, good beer and even better music. The food lines were long though and I was hot. It wasContinue reading “Waiting In The ‘Tea Room’”

‘Then to the elements be free!’

“Then to the elements be free.” ~ Shakespeare “Ooo, it’s raining, where’s my beer?” ~ Dunelight The elements cleared the lawn party for the departing sailors of the Clipper Cup, a cross lake race from Muskegon, Michigan to Port Washington, Wisconsin. More elementals Edit: I wrote Port Townsend, that’s in Washington.

Fashion at Big Sable Point Lighthouse

I am blessed to have so many brilliant, young women in my life. Jeanette is the childhood BFF of my brilliant niece, Sarah. I ran into Jeanette again at Sarah’s wedding in Washington in June. As I am on the board that manages Big Sable Point Lighthouse,¬†SPLKA, I invited Jeanette to a blog visit. ItContinue reading “Fashion at Big Sable Point Lighthouse”