Montague Pumpkin Roll!

From Michigan Backroads: “For years, the Montague residents have told stories of late night ‘rollings’ when youngsters raced to outwit authorities by sending pumpkins off the back of pick-up trucks. Now, the ROLL is sanctioned and ribbons and buttons are awarded to the winners of each heat!  When they holler “ready-set-go,” veteran pumpkin rollers getContinue reading “Montague Pumpkin Roll!”

Living Like a Lord*

* “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” ~ Nathan Phillips Sunrise, Saint George Island: Sunset, Saint George Island: Yeah, I had to look him up, this Nathan Phillips. He’s an actor…but he’s also right. We were lucky enough to haveContinue reading “Living Like a Lord*”

More Chicago Holiday Parade

Here is some more of that Holiday ‘happy dance’ infectious joy that so many parade participants shared. They brought so much light and energy. By the way, this is just more Thanksgiving Parade shots and I’m late posting because, well, it’s holiday season and life speeds up. The parade had marvelous elements of the comingContinue reading “More Chicago Holiday Parade”

Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta

Layers of boats, buildings, bridges, flags and sailors! Life is a feast and sometimes when you start the week you have no way of knowing  where you’re going to be on a Saturday night. You are looking at some boats gathered in front of the Ale House on the Milwaukee river for the 19th annualContinue reading “Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta”