The Iceboats Came

“‘In the burrows of the Nightmare   Where Justice naked is,Time watches from the shadow   And coughs when you would kiss.”* Strong words that cut to my core when I found them a scant two months before Covid hit. Covid. We lost a lot of work and a great deal of money. We’re OK. We have friends whoseContinue reading “The Iceboats Came”

Middle Island Lighthouse, Lake Huron

This shot is from sunset, July 24, 2010. A group of us sea kayakers had launched from Rockport launch, north of Alpena, Michigan. We usually camp on islands, all gear to be carried in your hatches, but this time we stayed in the old foghorn building, made over into a lodge, close to the originalContinue reading “Middle Island Lighthouse, Lake Huron”

I am fortune’s fool

I truly believed 2018 was going to be my Annus Horribiles. Apparently it’s not done with me. I apologize for quietly withdrawing when things get tough. I worked hard to overcome physical handicaps and then get broadsided by other ailments. Surgery today to repair a shoulder. I will need that shoulder because..well..wheelchair. It’s coming backContinue reading “I am fortune’s fool”

Mardi Gras in a Small Town

Friends and family lining ¬†up for Port St. Joe Florida’s Mardi Gras (2018): I LOVE this family of girls and proud Papa. Below, she’s working a Mae West vibe here, isn’t she? It’s great! Besties: Organising and visiting: On Main Street the beads and candy fly: Here’s that family of girls again: Beads: Beads: BEADS!Continue reading “Mardi Gras in a Small Town”

Jingle Parade

We American’s love our parades. It is tradition for the people in a parade unit, whether float, or horses, to throw candy to children along the parade route. Below are children and adults attending to their candy bags. That candy was wet. I disapprove of filters. I don’t use them but I sometimes do pushContinue reading “Jingle Parade”