Lens-Artist Challenge #148 Spots and Dots Crossfit

Well, I accidentally re-posted a favorite shot..that Himalayan Blue Poppy. Oops. I’ll post what I shot today. I’m counting the beach balls in the first two photos as dots, they’ve been penned up in our park for two days now. I was eager to see them in action.

This morning Muskegon Crossfit had a challenge race. They set up an obstacle course that stretched from our immediate park in the dunes on out along the boardwalk and to the beach. It must have been one and half to two miles, an extremely gorgeous course with outrageous, fun and challenging obstacles…they had two huge teeter totters of plastic culvert tubes. Entrants had to crawl up through the tubes and then as the teeter tottered down they crawled on out the other side. My inner child was screaming, “ME TOO!!”

Ah, the joy of being young and having a healthy body that responds to helm; running with your friends for the joy of running and then stumbling upon the one obstacle that is reminiscent of the glee of childhood ball pits. I LOVE this woman’s infectious smile:

Exhaustion and focus, they both came out of that tunnel focused on the next obstacle:

Are these still called Monkey Bars?:

Agony. We’ve all been there for our sport.


I’m not sure how many obstacles there were. There must have been ten in our Beachwood park alone. They brought in end-loaders and Cats to restructure our city beach, Pere Marquette, into pits and steep hills. Every obstacle was different and awesome. The event ended on the beach..near the bar.

I was not allowed on the course to figure out what was going on in that pit on the left. They seemed to be walking across the pit on some sort of swings.

We moved here for the miles of open natural beaches. There are a great deal of events like this now, almost every weekend. This is my backyard. It’s an interesting place to live.

Thanks to my husband for driving me for I soon tired, couldn’t get to the course finish, was too loopy to drive and couldn’t tolerate the planned sail but I got some cracking shots of dedicated local athletes. I love these faces.

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6 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #148 Spots and Dots Crossfit

  1. Such a telling photo story. Your choice of shots and your captions really take us there. As one who spent most of his life experiencing all those feelings (as I believe you have) I both regret my current limitations and am grateful I don’t have to work at it anymore 🙂

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