Lens-Artists Challenge #144 Taking Off

This young woman was learning the sport of Kiteboarding. Here she is looking up at her huge ‘kite’, preparing to jump off a wave crest. If she took off correctly she could ‘fly’ over Muskegon Harbor. As a relative beginner she had never ‘caught air’ (or ‘flown’) before.

Taking Off

After a brief warm up she did it! Her first flight!


I am so proud of her. I don’t know her. But I do know what it’s like to have an emerging passion for something, a something that takes skill, practice and a modicum of bravery.

It was her first real ‘flight’. Kudos and all good things to her!


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11 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #144 Taking Off

  1. I watched the kite-surfers a couple of years ago at the Belgium coast. I really loved it. Personally, I‘ve never tried it and probably will never do. But, watching them is great. Well done. Also a different kind of flying 😊

    1. Thank you. This woman was petite but strong. Not many woman take up this sport. These athletes are well muscled, liked dancers. I tried surf sailing, one has to be well muscled and well coordinated. I can’t imagine throwing another dimension of flight into it.

      1. I saw several women kite-surfing in Belgium. For the jumps, they use the waves and, of course, the wind. But the wave is the initial start-base

      2. Yes! In the winter, due to primarily Westerly winds, as ice forms on Lake Michigan it is blown into huge pressure ridges and then waves hit the ridges and make fantastic formations from caves to ‘volcanoes’.

        In the winter these kite boarders switch out their surfboard for skis or snow boards and instead of skiing downhill, they ride the wind UP these ice mountains and launch into the air. They like to launch off the ice mountains and then ski up the other side of the barrier dune that protects my home.

        It really is quite amazing. I don’ have good shots of that…launching off ice mountains then flying UP my dune…I need a zoom lens that shoots fast in semi-darkness for that.

      1. Oh, yeah!… There is a wonderful turquoise colored lake in den Bavarian Alps, the Walchensee. It is a El Dorado for Kiteboarders. I love to watch them!

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