Momentum of Existance

Between Heaven and Sea
The Momentum Of Existence
by Eric Nixon

Sometimes you don’t get a chance
To pause and rest
Even to just take it all in
Sometimes life just goes too fast
And if you halt, even for a moment
You could get rolled over
By the momentum of existence
So, push yourself and keep going
Because once you stop
You may not get started again
And if you need a breather
Do it after the big stuff is done โ€“
I guarantee you the view
Will be a whole lot better
Carving Sunlight

I need a new lens, one that shoots in low light well. This is another stormy September day from 2020. The 30th I think. It was very dark yet things were back lit and happening quickly.

Harbor Lights

This kiteboarder surfed and flew til after sunset, which was spectacular. The heavens put on an epic show.

Day’s End

The light, waves, kiteboarder and photographer all left after dusk.

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21 thoughts on “Momentum of Existance

    1. The lens is not colored. We are at a high enough latitude that colors of sunsets are super saturated. The odd color of the first photo …was the reason for my lament on needing a new lens. It was very dark, heavily clouded, all light behind the kiteboarder. I am not fond of the grainy look of high ISO. All I had available post processing was I could lighten it through exposure (Shadows, brightness etc.) and I tried to push levels to get the color not so blue…pushed things to the right. It didn’t work. If I had my old Photoshop I could have fixed it. The other fix would be a better lens for low light. Oh well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Me so poor.
      Yeah, I don’t use filters.

    1. Sorry to be so late. Your shot looks like a parafoil kite without the board…I forget what that sport is called. I assume the flyer jumped off a bluff or mountainside?

      It was an evolution here; first kites were popular with a lot of kite festivals, then people started attaching themselves to really big kites.

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