Happy Easter!

I love shooting ‘street’. These..bunnymen..are from a very early dunelight post on ArtPrize, “WHiMSeY in Art Prize”*. Goodness. Remember that sad, long, year we mixed capital and lower cased letters in words? We were so random then.

This work is Alex Podestra’s Self Portrait as Bunnies

Because I could write an in depth essay on ArtPrize I’m going to let someone else’s words take over. My highest ranked comment, 600 some ‘likes’, in the New York Times was about Artprize. Boy howdy, I got alot to say about ArtPrize. So I’ll stop writing now.

ArtPrize the wiki:

*The original post where I ripped my own Self Portrait as Bunnies photos:

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8 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. The artistic mind cracks me up. “I think I’ll do a self-portrait this year, but how can I make it different from other artists’ self portraits?”

    1. My work is done.
      I should do a search. I wonder if he sold his work. It is problematic with the changing levels of water and his ‘furry’ suit.

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