Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

Back on September 3 of 2020 the winds were directly out of the west creating excellent waves running straight up the channel. This Wave Runner had crested one wave and slammed into the next shooting up a wall of water. All you see of him is his backlit shadow as he sliced along the tops of the surf during sunset at Muskegon’s inner channel.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

(WP has changed some things. As soon as I find my tags I’ll tag this one too.)

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26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

  1. “changed some things” They changed the entire bl..dy editor… Tags are under the wheel of tools to the left. Select the “post” option and scroll down. Cheers.

      1. Yes, very helpful.

        Now for the challenges..I start typing “Lens-Artist” in the tag area and every time the program kicks me out of tags. I can type other tags…just not ‘lens-artists’.

        I’m not sure if it is the hyphen or Google/WP is not happy we have our own challenges. Have you had problems adding a tag for the lens-artists challenges?


      2. I just typed it on a draft. tags under the wheel, and on the post column. Very weird. I have no problems with hyphens. My name is “double-barrelled” as Americans say. Hmm. Save and reboot the computer.

      3. There’s an option to use the old classic editor. Go to your admin page, to the list of your posts, and at the very top it says “Add new” with a dropdown option to use classic or block editor. I keep trying to use the new block editor, but it’s just awful!

      4. I used that feature on my sailing shots blog then thought to myself, ‘you should get with it, gurrrlll’ and tried the new feature. My reason? It’s good to learn new ways. (That reason, learn new ways, also had me watching Megan Three Stallion and Cardi B. videos the other night. I’ma stick with Pink. We are more than our parts.)

        Back when I chose this format/template a lot of photographers chose black to offset the photos. I see I should try some new templates. Don’t know what’s new. I’ll figure it out but I volunteered to powerwash docks at the sailing club because someone on my racing crew, er, racing crew of which I am a member, was short workers. I don’t want to do it but he’s letting us put our boat in the water two weeks early. Gotta honor that.

  2. The intensity of this moment is as strong as one of those landscapes of Turner, and the colors are as kind as only the light can be there. I can relate to the changes in WordPress, I think I will need to check some manuals as I suspect WordPress is trying to make the platform more cellphone friendly, but I think cellphones are not very good for blogs that require more attention than the very short glimpses one does in social media.

    1. TY on the photo.

      Yest on the platform…I could do so much with the old but now they want to branch into podcasts..and work with other people on collaborative sites. This reminds me of old iMovie, I’m talking 2006 and I made EXellent films. Then they ‘improved’ it to make it easier and now all the good stuff’s gone.

      I have more learning to do.

      1. Who sais, sports photography is a male thing. Do, what you like. Men and women can do the same and should do. Sometimes women have a slightly different sight on some things than men and that’s great 😃

  3. Landlocked landlubber that I am, I didn’t even realize what this was when I first saw it. Didn’t see the figure until I read your description.

    1. Thank you!

      I was just chatting with another blogger about this shot and unless the viewer is into water sports they have no clue what is going on in this photo. As a matter of fact I was thinking of doing a post with other shots from this particular sunset just so non-water-sports viewers could see the wave runner before it disappeared into a wall of water.

    1. Yes. It is. I am pretty much an all original poster. Everything on this post is mine. My husband took a photo of me back in 1994 and there are photos from a post on my Aunt’s death…but the sailing, kids, lighthouses, beaches, orchards, etc are all mine. 🙂

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