Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

You just know I’m posting this shot of a little girl running along Muskegon’s Pere Marquette Beach on a windy day so I can work out where it is the new owners of WP hid all my old controls.

This image of joyous childhood was shot back on September 3, 2020. This is my inner child, so excited to be at the beach when the surf is up. Somebody, buy that child a Boogie Board.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

Now then, let’s see if I can find my stash of tags……

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18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #138: Natural Light

    1. Ahhhhhh we are surf siblings…there is nothing like the power of that wave. The ride is addictive.

      So..for the past 3 summers part of the health problems was torn rotator cuff, frozen shoulders, dislocated ribs etc. etc. I could not get out in anything fun because I couldn’t control the board. I have worked hard on physical therapy for the sake of that ride. Gotta surf. Gotta sail.

      1. Those are strong motivators. I take it that you have found your way around the issues?
        As for the sea, I learned to walk on beach off the coast of India. Spend the best part of my childhood (5 to 10) in a house by the West African sea. And since I did not go to school, none readily available, I spent my days in the water. Then in East Africa I learned a bit of sailing. “Dériveur”? 470? One mast, one main sail and a “jib”. two people. Could actually put a spinnaker on it. You probably can figure out what it’s called in English. Great fun.

      2. Wow….as you learned young you are likely more skilled than I.

        I haven’t found my way around issues. There are some medical issues we are born with. One learns to ‘live’ with it. Accept the changes that have to come into your life…like the chair..it’s been gone but if I live to my 70’s it will return and I need to be ready for so many unpleasant things. Oh the conversations I’ve had with God. At the end you learn to adjust your outlook, your life or you are going to be miserable and no one will want to be around you.

        We are blessed to have so many new friends late in life, no? 🙂 It helps make the day joyful.

      3. More skilled? I don’t think so. I dropped a lot of things when I left Africa, partly because the options weren’t so readily available. then did other things.
        Chair is gone? Good. enjoy it while it lasts. There’s. no way we can control what comes next. Just seen a photo of Alain Delon, 85 now. Despite all his fame, glory and money, he uses a walking cane. But he seems to be fine with it. I have minor back and feet issues, which give meaning to the expression “a pain in the…”, but until I can I will try to walk as much as I can. Then we’ll see.
        Lovely to hear from you. Really is.
        Keep the spirit.

  1. Ah, this has the same spirit as the art collage I have just behind me where I sit right now. Scene: we look through the sand dunes into the horizon, a young child (age 3-4?) with an inflatable swim ring is heading towards the water. Clear blue sky, two seagulls are circling above her/his head. The text that goes with it: “So I decided to go to the end of the world”. Our inner childs keep inspiring us, don’t they?

  2. What a wonderful light. I like the color of the backlit water. A couple of years ago I took a shot of such a wonderful wave in Barcelona. I‘d love living near the sea

    1. I have many opportunities to shoot water here in Michigan. Look at Google Earth, then zoom in. I am surrounded by water and our Great Lakes are actually fresh water seas. 🙂

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