I shot this family, you can just make out the boy on the mom’s lap, earlier today.

I’m OK. I’m in the strengthening part of Physical Therapy post surgical repair for the torn rotator cuff. The right foot is healing as could be expected. Surgery on the left in a week. There are future plans for therapy on the feet to improve walking but the shoulder is repaired so I have already used it a little to roll the chair.  So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Surgeons, bills, lawyers…I’m still shooting, not as much (eyes), sailing, not as much, sailing in any kind of higher wind wreaks havoc on injuries, not in a fun way. I haven’t bicycled or swam, I was surprised to find I could not swim. I sink without the shoulder. It’s good information to have; the knowledge you now sink. I wear the lifejacket onboard if the winds go above 10. I haven’t biked due to shoulder and horrible balance from the feet injury. I haven’t surfed..shoulder and feet, haven’t kayaked…shoulder and feet.

The only way out is through it. And so I go.

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