Middle Island Lighthouse, Lake Huron

This shot is from sunset, July 24, 2010. A group of us sea kayakers had launched from Rockport launch, north of Alpena, Michigan. We usually camp on islands, all gear to be carried in your hatches, but this time we stayed in the old foghorn building, made over into a lodge, close to the original keepers quarters. All, lighthouse, keepers quarters and outbuildings, were under renovation. At the time the foghorn building was the only place with rooms to let. Almost 10 years later I’ll bet most of the restoration is done. It was a sweet place to stay.

I was walking the path to the lighthouse and looked up as the last rays of the setting sun filled her lantern room.

MiddleIslandLight WP copy

Below is the lighthouse seen the next morning. I was sitting on the keepers’ porch looking over to the light as the sun was rising over a clouded Huron. That is a Petosky stone on the ledge. I can’t not pick up rocks.

It was a lovely island, we looked for rocks, walked the paths, paddled the circumference of the island and took photos of wildflowers. The best part of the trip was paddling around the island, chasing the back end of a storm over Huron. You could see for miles, you could see where the storm was sweeping the Lake and you could see that warm, dreamy late afternoon post-storm light bundled up with a rainbow.  That storm was the impetus to buy a waterproof camera.

Hush. Ten years ago, before filters and for that matter most social media, I was playing with masks in Photoshop. I have no clue where the originals are.

Middle Island Lighthouse From Keepers

A quick search reveals you can still visit:

Wow, it looks like the Keepers Quarters are nearing finish. I believe the plan was to turn it into a bed and breakfast.

I love Huron. Every visit/paddle/sail has been sweet. It is far less commercial than West Michigan.

Me? I am halfway through surgeries. It’s race night and I can’t get these feet in proper shoes for being on a boat. Barefoot is not an option. Post operative clogs would be pretty stupid. Maybe in a few weeks.

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