I am fortune’s fool

I truly believed 2018 was going to be my Annus Horribiles. Apparently it’s not done with me.

I apologize for quietly withdrawing when things get tough. I worked hard to overcome physical handicaps and then get broadsided by other ailments.

Broken Easter Plate Bunny.jpg

Surgery today to repair a shoulder. I will need that shoulder because..well..wheelchair. It’s coming back into my life. I am lucky, very lucky. I worked hard to make a lot of that luck.

This is me after my first brain surgery:


I’ve had a second. This summer is about ‘breaking and rebuilding’ my feet. That’s why I need the shoulder, to roll the chair.

I just haven’t been able to face things with a proper frame of mind. It’s time to focus inward.

19 thoughts on “I am fortune’s fool

  1. I like not your circumstances but your spirit. Hope that the period during which 2019 tries to rival 2018 in nastiness will be of short duration and that beaches and yachts will re-enter your life.

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ We don’t get through this world without these outrageous slings and arrows.

      I have a sailing friend who was a boy soldier in Rwanda. I am blessed that I still have the luxury of family to alternately annoy me and make me laugh. My friends will take me out on the sea. Since I cannot be the able-bodied seaman I’ll have to provide a lot of rum and beer for everyone else. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  2. Get well soon. do your physical therapy to get the shoulder working. I had a new knee put in last year, the physical therapy was worst than the surgery but I feel so much better know. Maybe sharing more in hard times will help you not bottle your emotions inside. Hugs

    • This is the first surgery, my feet will be broken and rebuilt next. I don’t bottle my emotions. I am multiple morbidity handicapped. The real danger is becoming a bore. When so much of your time is spent struggling towards health that is what your life can become..all health crises all the time. It is a real drag, socially speaking. One can become a bore, a fate worse than the extra pain.

      I mourn the loss of another summer. I don’t have that many left.

      • My comment sounded really dark. I’ve already been out in my gardens. We’ve had a fresh Spring rain, the window is open and i can hear the birds singing and, in the distance, I hear Lake Michigan roaring. Waves are up. If I have to be in pain this is a good place to be. Bhudists are right, pain is inevitable, suffering is up to me. I’m OK.

        i hope your recovery continues to go well. There are so many fascinating things to do. πŸ™‚

      • I hear you, I miss another quarter working towards another year. It’s been seven years for me. I’m not totally disabled but as each year passes I loose some control. I’ll be thinking of you, sending good karma your way. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. I often think of you. I introduced your blog to best friend, Gary, of Chicago who is addicted to all things Baseball. That he follows you is high complement as he is also big on literature. You combine things we love so well.

      Since I really cannot do much of anything I hope I have more time to catch up on blogs too. πŸ™‚

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