Pam In Paradise

I’ve had a lovely five weeks on a Barrier Island with little to very low bandwidth. It has been fairly laid back; the zen of being on an island in the off season.

One of the things I like about ‘Old Florida’ are the singular beach huts that abounded along old tourist trails. Disney copies this look but the soul is missing for there is nothing like an original from the glory days of road trips and tourist traps.

2019 Jan 27 Carrabelle Beach Shack WordPress - 1 copy

This is Pam’s paradise, her store, the Beach Trader. She has added on to this shop over the years and over time regulars have returned to gift her with singular works of art ranging from portraits to metal works.  Below is the owner, Pam, next to a cherished gift from a regular customer.



She used to live in her old tricked out airstream but following Hurricane Michael has downsized inventory, moved in to the back room of the shop and plans to rent out the airstream. She is a short block from the bay and should easily find guests.

I love her shell gardens. The more you stand and look the more tropical sea trinkets you see.



Inside is everything your inner beach-going child could possibly need. It’s all there, right next to ‘outsider art’ made by locals.


You can find Pam’s singularly marvelous slice of Paradise just west of Carrabelle on Highway 98 in Florida’s ‘Forgotten Coast’. Hurry. This ‘old Florida’ is rapidly giving way to condos, high-rises and Disneyfication.

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