Christmas in a Small Town

2018 Christmas Jingle Parade GH Girls On Float WORDPRESS - 1 copy

On the first Saturday in December our neighbor to the south, Grand Haven (Pop. 10,500 ?) holds their annual Jingle Parade. The parade has grown over the years and it seems the whole town turns out to be in the parade. Actually, the entire Tri-Cities area,  Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysberg participate.

I’d like to post a couple of these happy, seasonal photos every day leading up to Christmas. I found so much joy that night of the Jingle Parade, despite the chill rain. Even if you celebrate Christmas it can be quite difficult at times to keep the cheer of the season. These photos of happy people made me happy. May they be my gift to you, a ‘lift’ for Yuletide.

3 thoughts on “Christmas in a Small Town

  1. Thank you, a really happy photo! Yes it is hard to keep focussed on happy things over Christmas: here we have the awful prospect of ‘Brexit’, and the Government all fighting each other over how it is to be done. We don’t want it done! It will ruin the country except for the very well off. Which means it will ruin the country. And the world at large is not a happy place. Glittery tress etc everywhere, of course: two in the local shopping centre … Our older grandson however, is happy: he has understood the idea of Christmas trees (to a two year old level!) and wants one. How lovely to have such a simple want!

    • The curse of sentient people who read is that we know what is going on. I’m watching you, I’m watching the Yellow Jackets in France, I’m living the destruction of my democracy as the richest 1 percent dismantle our government all while a buffoon at the helm tweets a decisive hate. It’s fascinating on an intellectual level but I’ve had a sick feeling in my gut since 2016.

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