Santa Cookies

Morat’s ‘get’s’ Muskegon. They are new to town but know their new home well. We are diverse.

2018 Morat's Santa CookiesWord

Morat’s ‘gets’ Muskegon.

Morat’s bakery, awesome bakery, was also a fun concert venue up in New Era. Their concert days ended when an insurance lawyer got involved and shot the price of a Blue Grass gathering or a Rockabilly celebration through the roof. Their concerts were amazing, it was like having a party with your friends and family in your kitchen. The venue made for happy Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Good things did come out of that pushy lawyer. To make up for the loss Morat’s moved to Muskegon. They are doing very well. They still embody small town service; last week we were late, they saw me through the locked door, “Oh, I know her she wants her cookies!” and they let me and my friends in. We bought up the remaining stock of breads, turnovers, fritters, bars, etc.

The sugar cookies are my favorite because they nailed the flavor of the cookies of my childhood. And those Santa’s, kids come in different colors. These are the happiest Santas ever.

9 thoughts on “Santa Cookies

    • We chose Muskegon because of it’s diversity.

      Interesting…what is the religion of the First Australian elders? I am part, very small, First Nations, Pequot, a coastal/woodland tribe and I believe Matriarchal. So much is lost.

      • most of our First Australians were stolen by govt and churches, trained to serve. So basically indoctrinated into Christianity altho some are very angry about what the churches did and are setting up their own version of church … all very confused and sad 😦

      • oh we did that also .. flour laced with poison, round up shootings, you name we did it too then they found that with interbreeding their colour lightened so they started the stolen generation – the people I work with now. The idea was to take them from country and family and make them white fellas … barbaric!
        I can’t change the past but I can help those who were wronged.

      • After the wars we stole their children, put them in white boarding schools, cut their hair, beat them if they spoke their language… We lost so much.

      • we nearly lost the oldest living culture in the world … our people have lived through climate changes and ice ages for more than 65,000 years!

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