WordPress IMG_3793 2015 FALL iPhone Nov 4 Pentwater
I got nothing to say…somebody wrote something that…”I’ll never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”. Double ditto for a tree in fall.

This poetic tree is along the channel that runs from the heart of town out to Lake Michigan. Sweet place is our little town of Pentwater.

12 thoughts on “Pentwater

    • What is fall like in the UK? I LOVE all the pastoral scenes of green fields, hedgerows, village steeples and those magnificent oaks…but I cannot recall many photos of fall.

      Autumn is exuberant and shouts for joy some days. November is muted grey skies, bare limbs and the russet of trees that were able to hold on to their leaves.

      September…October…we pour out of the cities in our cars, headed to the country to pick our pumpkins and apples. We go in-freaking-sane for gourds. We even venture out in barren November but by then we are buying Christmas trees.

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