Halloween is big in the USA. It’s as big with adults as it is with kids on a sugar high from all that candy. To those who celebrate, Happy Halloween!

UICA Getty Drive In Halloween

Waiting for the announcement of a winner at a local costume contest.

5 thoughts on “Anticipation

      • Correct? No…I feel that is a harsh word. As I go out and about I am seeing more and more parents, women AND men, and sometimes just Dads out with their kids. You never saw that when I was a kid in the midwest, Dads out and about with kids, it wasn’t done, it wasn’t manly. My husband says it’s likely Dad’s custody weekend. I am hopeful that it means everyone is sharing in the parenting.

        It is so sweet. Thank goodness it is becoming socially acceptable for men to take an interest in their children and that is so good for everyone.

        And you are likely right as I don’t doubt that costuming, buying, sewing etc still falls to the Mom in most situations, especially in we flyover states.

      • My brother brought up his daughter but returned to work with the third kid, said it was the wife’s turn … but some men a great sewers too … maybe edit that word 🙂

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