A Burst of Sunshine

WP 2018 Apr Wynton Porch Forsythia**_3540

Still life, forsythia

I swapped some pruned twigs from our Japanese Cherry trees for a basket of bare forsythia. I put the naked forsythia twigs in water while the ground was still covered with snow.  And then one morning….a burst of sunshine.

Wynton was not impressed.

WP FB 2018 apr Wynton Porch Forsythia_3545

Wynton posing

I can’t tell you how happy this simple afternoon made me; the rare early spring sunshine, the burst of forsythia, a happy cat, music, returning birds outside the window, a computer…bliss.


10 thoughts on “A Burst of Sunshine

  1. You can just see a small pot of ranunculus to the right. I love their form but the wild abandon of forsythia, it’s prolific little golden blooms…a must for your garden. I had to swap with a friend for hungry rabbits took my dwarf forsythia to ankle height.

    • I did get 4 people in my neighborhood to take the twigs from the Cherry trees and share photos of the blossoms on FB. I might do this exchange again next year during those days when winter lingers and just won’t get the hint and go.

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