Living Like a Lord*

* “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.”

~ Nathan Phillips
Sunrise, Saint George Island:


Sunset, Saint George Island:

WORDPRESS Sunset 300 Ocean Mile** copy
Yeah, I had to look him up, this Nathan Phillips. He’s an actor…but he’s also right.

We were lucky enough to have this rental this past winter. The first shot was taken from the bedroom. Don’t get too excited about the ‘Ocean View’ as it was more of a bendy twisty ‘Oh-look-there’s-the-Gulf’ view that covered maybe 3 degrees of the horizon. The rest of the 357 degrees looked rather like married student housing from my UNI days. If you left your blinds up everyone out walking their dog could look straight into your home and see what you were having for breakfast.

The second shot was taken from the path shown in the first shot. You know, it was cold, but, wow..that Florida sun. It is a tonic.

More Rise/Set here:

11 thoughts on “Living Like a Lord*

  1. I’ve never heard of him either, and he’s Australian? That’s nice to know. Pity we’re not told on which St Georges Island this photograph was taken. There seems to be several of them.Think perhaps we can rule out Alaska; perhaps Bermuda might fit the bill.

    • My bad. It’s St. George Island, Florida. It’s in the panhandle of Florida..the ‘forgotten’ coast. It is truly the middle of nowhere but we like it that way.

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