My Lousy Lunar Shot

February has sped by. Twenty eight days ago in the wee hours of February 1st I was arguing with the alarm, the cat, my body. The electric blanket was seduction itself but the eclipse was “going to be soooo cool, blue moon, super moon…”…and something else I’ve lost to time.

I lost the argument and got up. When we pack for Florida we haul two cats and their catly gear (food; HUGE, no, it’s really that big, scratchpost; litterboxes; litter; dishes; toys; towels; their world), two bikes (helmets and stuff), two kayaks (and the metric shedload of stuff that goes with kayaks and makes them go) and then there is all the detritus that humans need for modern living.

The point? There truly was not a safe place for a proper lens and a nice heavy tripod. I made do with what I had. What I had was a sorry old 18-55mm kit lens and a small cooler I call backup tripod. This was my first test shot where the photographer decides settings, pouts over the lack of tripod, bemoans the equipment left at home and silently curses the other photographers who got there first. This shot says so much about how I felt that morning. I was insufferably pleased with my plan until I arrived to find others camped out.

2018 Feb 1 Lunar Eclipse WP

Arty. I was in the Eastern Time Zone and as the eclipse was really getting to it the moon was heading to the Pacific. I got some nice shots of the palm, an egret, the moon setting over the bay, the moon by the palm, the egret by the palm, the palm by the bay and reflections of the egret and moon on the waters and distant towns on the horizon…. Meh. It was a kit lens. Photos were nice but Getty isn’t calling.

I rescued this morning of spectacularly average shots by stopping in at the very popular island donut shop. Rather like a donut closet. Donuts are made on premises, there is no room for stock so you gotta get there early, which we never did. There is a whole other world out there of people who get up early and go to donut shops. I always have been and remain a pour coffee into your cup of instant oatmeal and call it breakfast kind of woman.

WordPressSGI Donut Shop

The best part of this morning was that as the moon set the sun did rise and bath the St. George Island Light in a golden promise…promise of a fabulous day likely highlighted by a mid-morning nap.


Thank you!

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