9 thoughts on “‘No Dumping’

  1. I cheated. I rarely photo shop images. I want in and out of post production in less than thirty seconds, but I ‘did’ PS out two small signs that were reflecting the sunset and shining brighter than the moon.

    I’m forever ‘gunkholing’; Where does this go? What’s under here? What’s this thing? You miss interesting things if you don’t poke around a bit.

  2. Hi friend
    Would you allow me to reblog onto my new site http:/fortheloveofart.blog? I love the photo and want people to understand Art is Art. If they thinks it’s are then it is. The photogram would be a nice addition. The site is new.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the share. I’ve been away from the blog due to health and family issues. It was very kind of you to share. 🙂 Hope to get over to your blog tonight now that I’ve updated/fixed my system.

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