Oh, for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brighetest heaven of invention!


My SO had a gig here, a basilica in Grand Rapids. While I missed the concert itself I marveled at the soaring heights of the Cathedral.

2017 Word Press Dec St. Adelbert's Basilica3 copy
The crowning glory, I don’t think it can be called an oculus as it is not open to the heavens, yet the heavens are depicted in the dome.

2017 Word Press Dec St. Adelbert's Basilica5 copy
I am always playing catch up with weekly challenges. I apologize for that. It has more to do with tired eyes than procrastination. Huh.

13 thoughts on “Ascend

    • I think what is happening is that while working on the posts I sometimes accidentally hit publish now when I am aiming for that drop down scheduled publish calendar. It’s happened to us twice. Stay warm!

    • Oh my. You posted this on March 8th. My ‘mother’ died on that day. Actually, it was my Aunt who took me in and raised me after my mother died. She had been in hospice and I did make it back to spend time with her. I’ve been dealing with her death and the events that surrounded it and my trip. A post about her is in my cue but it’s been hard and I am editing it down.

      You are perceptive. I do not post when things go wrong. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  1. dunelight, thank you for visiting my blog today. I sometimes do special colour posts and I’m putting together a post at the moment on ‘Pink and Blue’. I really like the last photo on this post and wondered if I could use it in my colour post. If you ok it then I’d credit to your name (you’d need to let me know what you want) and I’d link to your post and to your blog home. Please let me know. Thanks, Liz

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