Looking Back: Serene Advent

2017 Dec 16 St. Andrews Cathedral Advent Wreath FB WP copy

In the old school keeping of time, it is not only New Years Eve but the Seventh Day of Christmas as well. This was during the 3rd week of Advent.

The soul was willing to up load but I’m just now finding the bandwidth. This was during a concert at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.


Edit: Huh, when you think you see a redundant punctuation mark but it’s really an indication you need to clean your computer screen.




4 thoughts on “Looking Back: Serene Advent

    • I need to upgrade my browser but it won’t until I upgrade my operating system. I don’t trust things apple and have been slowly plugging away at organizing and backing up in an orderly fashion before I take the plunge. I always loose something, usually a lot of things, I found useful whenever I upgrade.

      Currently I cannot ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your posts. 😦 Let me do a quick visit again and post here.

    • I quick visited your blog, where as you recall I cannot ‘like’ or ‘comment’ until I upgrade, I like what you are doing. If you divide your blog design into columns of three the extreme right column of widgets, for follow, subscribe, calendar, etc quickly becomes an empty column, an empty space that does nothing for the design, as the viewer scrolls down. That messes with my sense of form. Can you put the widgets somewhere up near the title bar as a drop down menu? Mind you all of my art background is performing arts but you did ask. I like your ideas very much. Best of luck!

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