More Chicago Holiday Parade

Here is some more of that Holiday ‘happy dance’ infectious joy that so many parade participants shared. They brought so much light and energy.

By the way, this is just more Thanksgiving Parade shots and I’m late posting because, well, it’s holiday season and life speeds up. The parade had marvelous elements of the coming Christmas season so it’s all good.

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade D7 Fun Holiday Dance Troup copy

This group from Indianapolis was serenely lovely.

DSC_4714 copy

They were a large group and a float with children brought up the rear:

DSC_4719 copy

The Mandela Asian Performing Arts Group were spectacular:

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving D7 Mandala S Asian Perf Arts1 copy

The Tapei Cultural Office was there:

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving D7 Tapeii Cultural Office1 copy

I stood with a woman whose daughter was with this unit. They came from Alabama and they represent the Mobile Azalea Trail. These young women win a spot in this parade group through scholarship. They are bright, indeed.

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade D7 Mobile Azalea Trail Maids WP copy
One of the splashiest horse units was the magnificent troupe from Midieval Times.

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade D7 Midieval Times Dinner1 copy

I love this last shot. It’s another mounted unit, this time the Chicago PD. What I did not show was the large amount of police and other protection to keep marchers and audience safe. Large salt trucks, full to absorb impact from any explosions, blocked off the side streets. There was a large police presence on foot and bike and, as below, on horse. I love the look on the cops face top left. Everyone else marching was all about the joy of the holiday, but these guys were here not just for PR, but for business as well. They could be called to protect and serve at any moment. You can see it in his face.

2017 Chicago Thanksgiving Parade D7 Chicago Mounted Police WP copy

I hope I’m caught up. I have lovely snow covered beach shots waiting in the wings.

6 thoughts on “More Chicago Holiday Parade

    • Thank you, I am so sorry to be so late in reply, the holidays, traveling, but mostly failure to upgrade my computer in a timely manner has me running slowly in more ways than one. I hope you have a blessed New Year and as soon as I upgrade I’ll be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your blog.

    • Yes! I find the lines of mounted police very powerful, very intimidating. Interesting that they are still a useful tool in protection of a modern city. The noise in a city, the sudden distractions, it’s amazing how well trained these horses are.

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