Golden Guardians

The abundant orchards to the north of our dune home are lined with massive windbreaks of poplars that tower over their charges; the silent ranks of cherry, apple and peach trees  below. They serve to lessen the arctic blasts for their little friends. (Yes, I anthropomorphize plants.)

For a very brief time in autumn the effect is of magnificent enormous outdoor rooms formed of golden walls that reach to and brighten the darkened skies of late fall*. Lordie, is it fleeting.

DSC_0197 2014 Poplars of Oceana Post This

As the poplars drop their leaves a fragrant potpourri of dried out leaves, rain and damp soil is created. The life of that potpourri is even shorter than the golden walls themselves. As you can see, once on the ground the gold is quickly muted to the colors of the earth. And so it goes. Too soon.

Poplar of Oceana for WP Post This

I have posted photos of these Poplar wind breaks before:

* Oh, lordie, those dark, darker, darkened skies of late fall.

3 thoughts on “Golden Guardians

    • You are more than welcome because I found great…comfort? … in your blog. I am not a cook but I find I prefer food made from scratch and if someone’s homemade soup takes less than two days to make they’re doing it wrong. I have some foodie friends and I’ll be passing your blog along. Just had some beautifully shot, tasteful stuff that I’ll bet my SO and I could make.

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