Decorative Gourd Season

I’ve always loved Autumn and all the flowers, berries, grains, squash and pumpkins that go with the changing season. When I saw this huge sun-bathed crate on the barn floor I wanted to crawl right in and explore the marvelous textures of the different gourds.

Decorative Gourd Season

Not everyone feels about squashes and pumpkins and gourds (Oh, my!) as I do. In 2009 a rather…urbane and witty gentleman wrote a classic humor piece on the American obsession with gourds for McSweeny’s.

I’m going to include a link to an Atlantic article which in turn contains a link to the McSweeny’s aricle. I laughed in 2009, I laugh when I read it now.

Fair warning, language. Earthy language. Funny stuff.

Atlantic: Decorative Gourd Season


3 thoughts on “Decorative Gourd Season

  1. As I read your blog, I was thinking about that McSweeney’s piece, and how I could get a link for you. Ah, but you’re way ahead of me.

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