Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta

DSC_2686 Layers WP

Layers of boats, buildings, bridges, flags and sailors!

Life is a feast and sometimes when you start the week you have no way of knowing  where you’re going to be on a Saturday night. You are looking at some boats gathered in front of the Ale House on the Milwaukee river for the 19th annual Louie’s Last Regatta, which is a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and a great time. A friend invited and we said, “Sure!” We sailed over on Friday, raced on Saturday and sailed back on Sunday. It was a spectacular weekend.

The layers of flags? Those flags you see on boats mean something, they are not just decoration. They are won in regattas and flown with pride. We had to scrub the boat down during the crossing over to make her party ready and those flags are her hard-won crowning glory.

Below you see the captain of the boat we came over on, Every Day, a sweet Pearson 54′ double masted ketch, getting ready for the weekend’s parties by flying his colors.  The other shot is of a child playing with the race flags on her family’s boat.


Louis’s Last Regatta is one of the largest regattas in the Great Lakes and has a lot of traditions from costumed crew contests and Bloody Mary race morning fundraisers to the honorable bribing of race officials in order to move up through the winning ranks. ALL money goes to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

We had a perfect, sun and wind filled September day. It was the largest regatta I have been in to date. It was an exciting race…and it’s all for the children.

DSC_2707 Layers WP The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Louis’s Last Regatta has a nice video on their website, boats on water @ 5 minute mark:

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7 thoughts on “Milwaukee: Louis’s Last Regatta

    1. It was. It takes a lot of work to get on a crew, and everyone you see on a boat worked their arse off to get there. Now that I know how awesome these big Regattas are I’m going to step up my game, work a little harder still and see if I can crew on more of these.

      That said, I’m not sure anything will top this regatta. The costumes are way cool. I wore leis and a grass skirt as our boat had a Hawaiian theme.

    1. It was sweet to be there. It was one of those life moments when I really did not have the time and was a wee bit ill, but said what the heck I’ve never done this before. It was a magnificent feast for the senses. I’m thinking my life needs more regattas like this next summer. It is a shedload of work but my the rewards!

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