It’s Art Prize Season


7 thoughts on “It’s Art Prize Season

    • It…uh..It’s billed as a radically different public art competition where the people, ordinary people can enter and ordinary people can vote. You have to slog through a metric shedload of “Isn’t it great, I used a mile of barbed wire for each horse.”, “Isn’t that something, it’s all made of clocks.” to get to actual, moving, challenging and informing works. Along the way there is a lot of art as a social statement, personal history, etc. etc.

      It is in reality the complete capitalist maximization of money making off of art for all the businesses involved, mixed in with a lot of “I can’t believe I walked up hill three blocks in the heat and waited in line to see this.” and a few breathtaking transcendental moments of awe. And a party, oh yea, if you have the money it can be a great party.

      Businesses make money hand over fist. The artists, except for the winners, not much. We no longer have an Arts Council that funds projects for local schools, groups and artists. Oh no, the second year of ArtPrize the moneyed powers that be said, “We don’t need art, we have ArtPrize!”.

      I used to be all about being inclusive, ‘Art for Everybody!’. Yeah! But after years of slogging through ‘nice’ large piles of welded together found objects and being horrified but what the just regular-guy public thought was good, I want to go back to the old days.

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