Waiting In The ‘Tea Room’

I went to the Michigan Irish Music Festival this weekend. It was the 18th annual fest but I’d never been before. It falls on a weekend I was always on lighthouse duty.

2017 Irish Tea Room Waiting

The festival was pretty nice, good beer and even better music. The food lines were long though and I was hot. It was between bands and I didn’t want to sit in a muggy stage tent and wait and I didn’t want to stand outside and wait for food. I could have desert first and if the lines went down I’d eat dinner.

I went to the ‘Irish Tea Room’ tent, bought a piece Guiness Chocolate Cake and iced Irish tea, turned to find seating, walked around the corner and through the back of the tent into paradise.

That’s my camera gear on the table left. At one point I decided I was no longer ‘waiting’ for food lines or bands but officially choosing to stay. It was so very peaceful and lovely I reached into my camera bag, got out a book (Sarah Orne Jewett’s Country of the Pointed Firs) and started to read. After the sun set I went off in search of music.

I had really wanted Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash and could have waited in the hot sun, standing on line until it set, missing this. You don’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get something better.

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EDIT: The lines NEVER went down, they were longer. The food looked great and everyone was talking about how good it was. Instead of waiting for dinner I went into a tent and bought some dark beer, sat down front and enjoyed the music.

I had a TV dinner when I got home.

16 thoughts on “Waiting In The ‘Tea Room’

    • A friend, who had been going to the festival for years, said “Where is this? It doesn’t look real, it looks like a dream.” For me it was a dream, a great place to feel the cool of the coming dusk and to hide from the crowds.

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