Eastown Streetfair

We spent a lot of time in Eastown the first 15 years we lived in Michigan. They are a neighborhood in Grand Rapids and their yearly Eastown Streetfair has it all; art, street art, performance art, canvassers,  food booths, craft booths, live bands and lots of friends and families who play and dance down front when the bands are onstage:

Eastown Fair Little Girl Ball

This family with their matching urban mullets and personalized shoes are the essence of Eastown.

Eastown Fair Mullets
There were dogs, lots of dogs:

There were street performers and musicians:

Eastown Fair Hoop Girl

There were established bands and beginning bands. There is a School for Rock in GR and this young bassist is a student. She and her band played some awesome original punk songs. She looks a rather dreamy punk bassist and the crowd was very supportive of her group.

Eastown Fair Young Punk Bassist

I have to show you some of the goods that were available amongst all the food vendors and artisans:

I LOVED that Kenny meets Anonymous action figurine but I spent my money on an improvised comedy sketch troupe. You put money in the jar and they would do an improvised scene for you. After talking with them a bit they invited me to come join their troupe on Wednesday nights. Sail Race season ends the first Wednesday in October so my Wednesdays will be free.

Eastown Fair Actor's Improv
Michigan is a wonderland of fairs and festivals from the bigger ones like the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven to smaller ones like the Asparagus Festival in Hart, but the Eastown Streetfair with its mix of artisans, families, hipsters, social activists and urban grunge has always been a favorite.

Eastown Fair Wealthy Street

7 thoughts on “Eastown Streetfair

  1. I like that you have used black and white for these! Makes them timeless and removes the distraction of colour so we see what is the main subject! It;s festival time here too – for horticultural festivals with competitions for growing veg and friut, making cakes, and all sorts of stuff, plus a funfair, and other stalls. Nearly over now …Also carnivals and music festivals. Our daughter would just LOVE the festival in your pictures! This year she went to a few taking her one year old (just one in August) and he seemed to love the atmosphere as well…

    • Thank you, the festival was very colorful and I shot color but when processing noticed Black and White focused the eye on the personal relationships.

      We have a lot of harvest festivals and I always have every intention of covering them which doesn’t always work out. I’d be interested in seeing photos of your harvest festivals.

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