Milwaukee Art Museum

It’s not often the structure of a museum outshines the art within.


Form follows function?

31 thoughts on “Milwaukee Art Museum

    • It is an excellent building, considered doing an entire photo essay on the building but realized it would be straying from my original intent of posting on things West Michigan. To my credit it is almost directly due west from me on the other side of Lake Michigan. I guess the Great Lakes is local enough. 🙂

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  2. Or maybe I was negative? But it seems to me that there are too many obstacles on which sound would rebound. Overall shape does not look right for music.
    Or voice.
    (Have you been at a concert there?)

    • Thank you. 🙂 I should do an entire post on this building. I try to focus on West Michigan but the world is too fascinating. To my credit this magnificent building sits almost directly 89 miles straight West (a degree or so south) of our harbor mouth. Lake Michigan is big, we are at a narrow point.

      • I had to look at a map to get my bearings. Not too familiar with “up North”. Only that one of my greatest teachers in Grad school was from Michigan. The locals said he had an “accint”. 😉
        Yes you should do a post on that building. Interiors and exteriors.

      • I’ve been here since 90-91…that sharp, bright, nasal accent has been creeping into my voice. To my ear it is not pleasant.
        I much prefer the Downeast and Boston accents of my family. Me? I’m from the MidWest…land of news broadcasters…stations love us because of our ‘absence of distinct accent’, but, as I said, I’ve been sounding Michigander lately.

      • Accents creep into us. That’s fine, it means you listen. Midwest? Yes, middle of the road accent. I went to Grad school in the South. Tuscalooser, Alabamer. First three weeks, I thought I spoke English but I couldn’t understand a word. Then I learned Southern. 😉

    • I like that saying as well as the original. You would love to shoot this building. Every angle takes your breath away. It is like a living bird, (It’s wings open and close!) on the Lake front.

      • Actually I loved it so much in faculty when I studied architecture that I painted it. Calatrava inspired me to fly, to have strong ideas, he has also a formation of engineer so his buildings are like mechanisms or artificial creatures : )))

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