My Friend

I have been away. I did not intend to be gone so long. I saw and did marvelous things, met old friends, made new, had some great adventures, adventures that were served up with a side order of reality. Yeah, I can click my heels all I want but I’m still gonna wake up physically handicapped and should face future adventures with more wisdom than I currently practice. Moderation would be good too. So I did things. I paid for them.

The friend part? Backstory first, I once had a calico cat, if I had the flu, “Oh, Mommyperson, let me cuddle you and make you feel better.”, if I had a migraine, “Oh, Mommyperson, here, let me rub your head. I will make it better.”, if I was thrashing in agony (handicapped you know) she would come running into the room distressed, “Oh, Mommyperson, how can I help?” Like all calicos she was complex and crazy but if I was sick she was Calico Nurse Cat to the Rescue. I loved her.

This is Wynton, Destroyer of Worlds. Wynton could not give a rat’s arse about my health.

Friend for WP copy

I love Wynton.


6 thoughts on “My Friend

    • 🙂 Actually, he is very …. stupid. He is very happy cat though and that is why we chose him. He wakes up with joy and trots about the house, happily destroying things, his tail straight up in the air and oh so happy. He loves everyone, greets our company and keeps the outside squirrels off the outside window sill. He is, however, so..dumb..if cats have 9 lives he rapidly went through 5 his first year of life and is now on 7? 8?

      His antics are worth a post. I’ll have to recall the times…setting himself on fire..eating non-food items..the list goes on.

      • He sounds like a very interesting fellow. Your description has made me very curious and would definitely love to read posts about his antics 🙂

    • Ja ja! I can be laying on the floor, too sick to move, this cat will come by and say, “Hey, what are you doing on the floor? Where’s my dinner?” And yet, he is so cuddly. He’d throw me under the bus for a nice roast beef.

      • That is quite adorable xD the cats at home are the same, with their pawns asking me for food. That is their way they have to say us we matter for them and they trust in us. : )

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