I seem to always be behind on word challenges. “Dense” was from March 29. Right away I knew I wanted to use this, this is my newest addition to my art collection; Catnado. As you can see it is dense with cats!

IMG_6988 WP DENSE Heartside II Catnado

I took some supplies to the Heartside Ministries in Grand Rapids last week. I have been following this artist’s work for two years. I don’t always make it into town for First Friday’s, (Co-ordinated city-wide Gallery Openings), and so have missed out on some of her great cat-centric pieces. This time I was the first customer and I snagged it. My heirs may not fight over this tempera piece yet it brings me joy. It makes me smile. Had it been dry, JVD’s ‘Weather Cat’ would also have went home with me.

IMG_6976 DENSE WP Heartside I

I love her hair and ‘ears’. She is quite gregarious and we discussed many things cat.

The Heartside is near St. Mary’s Hospital, just south of downtown. It is a place with missions and art galleries. I have artist friends who live in lofts in the area and through visiting them I became aware of Heartside Ministry and their work. I’ve included a link that shows their history and the services they provide the homeless and disenfranchised.

The Heartside area itself is rapidly changing, as with other cities renewal begins when the artists move in. The ‘Arena District’, Van Andel Arena and it’s many attendant parking garages and restaurants, is pressuring the Heartside from the North and like all urban areas it will change with gentrification.



More dense things if you click here.

Edit: Goodness but I was having trouble with wordpress formatting today, anyone else? Me write goodly…some day. :p

5 thoughts on ““CATNADO”

    • Oh my word…cataclysmic…I have to write that on a piece of paper and pop it into a big box of sea shells that is going down to the Heartside sometime in the coming week. One wonders what she would do with ‘cataclysmic’. 🙂
      Thank you!

      • As a result of a late night conversation and a cat with a bandaged neck who came to be known as Holy Joe, there was some daftness and:-

        “The cataleptic catholic cat recited his categorized catechisms on the catwalk in the catacombs whilst caterwauling and riding the caterpillar that caused a catatonic state from the catastrophic cataclysm of being catapulted from Catalonia to a catamaran in Katmandu. ”

        I remember it well, but wish I didn’t. 😀

      • I’m going to the Heartside tomorrow…I think I shall leave some of these words behind on a piece of paper for the artist.

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