“Let’s Go Fly a Kite”

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go.

~ Disney’s Mary Poppins

IMG_7010 2017 Apr 6 Fly a Kite Beach copy

Sunset tonight was 8:14, that fact alone made this kite, I had to step over the string at one point, the most glorious, highest flying kite ever known to man. It’s SPRING!

Atmospherics were odd tonight, gale today, increasing winds through the night, the ceiling a bit lower than usual with clouds scudding right along and the blessed sun shooting warm gold through the remains of the day creating so much magic in those fleeting moments. While the trees, the dune grass, the foam on the waves and the children’s hair, were all kissed with gold, the rest of the scene was blue. It was as though I was wearing bottle blue goggles, I kept checking the equipment for white balance but that sets the camera, not the air. I know. The camera merely verified what I saw; blue, lots of blue, shot through with bursts of tangerine, cerise, gold and plum.

This far north, near all this water and moisture-filled air, when the rays are low and day is done sometimes it feels as if the Empress of the North gets out her paint pots and plays with colors on the dunes, sands, and trees but on special evenings she will color the very air around you. It is magical. And it goes by quickly so savor it. This was a rich perfectly ripe Bing cherry on my sundae of the day.

IMG_7035 Blue copy


I must mention, this is not snow in this photo. All snow and ice are gone, this is the sand blushing blue in the blue air. It is the quality of the light. I’ve never lived anywhere where one night the air is pink on another night it is blue, but, most nights it hides the crazy and passes for normal. I should look up the causes of these color variations, something something water droplets something something prism, but think I’d rather just be thankful.

Don’t know the song lyrics? Here’s a blast from your grandmothers past. When I saw those colors, those kids and that kite it made me so very happy and I sang this song.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite ~Disney’s Mary Poppins



10 thoughts on ““Let’s Go Fly a Kite”

  1. Wow! Colours! I can get almost sunsets almost as good as this when we’re in Cornwall, but this is way more colourful …! (Of course, there’s a contribution from the pollution in the atmosphere but …)

    • Not all sunsets are colorful. The sad reality in the fall and most of the winter is gray..grey…gris…you get up..shades of gray, but when we do see the sun set it is often spectacular and a bit surreal. I did not boost the colors. On these lucky nights you’ll get these vibrant colors and on nights rarer still you get surreal colors.

      Cornwall…PBS…Poldark..when you watch a series so you can look at THAT coast.

  2. And I apologize for any ear worms you get from clicking on the Disney song. I’ve had it in my head and heart for 18 hours now, ever since I saw those kids playing. 🙂

    • You are more than welcome.

      Forgive me, I have been thinking of this since your equipment was stolen, I have a question; how can we, your fellow bloggers, help you get back to posting photos of your world? You have ‘hit a streak of bad luck’.

      Here, in my country, we have almost too many American bloggers yet you were one of the few bloggers heard from your country, Peru. You loved and showed your country very well and I looked forward to your photos and journeys, at least until the thief took it from all of us.

      Can we, other bloggers, make a gofundme.com page in order for you to buy some equipment, even if it is used equipment? What equipment is needed? I know your laptop was stolen, maybe someone out there in the blogosphere is ‘upgrading’ and can send you a piece of equipment they no longer use?

      I am not rich (just rich in friends!) so I cannot do it alone. In the USA artists are now creating gofundme pages for their projects. Maybe there is another more efficient site and so I’d like to throw it out for your followers and other bloggers to discuss if I may. I would not try without your permission.

      It is not quite right that you have so much to show the rest of the world from a place with few bloggers when other countries are teeming with an oversupply of bloggers. How can we, your followers and other bloggers, help?

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