Muskegon’s First Con

“Don’t Make Him Mad! This young Hulk was found last Saturday at Muskegon’s first Con.  His game face is so compelling and he was perfect for the ‘Easy being green’ challenge but there were so many excellent costumes that I chose to show the rest of the SciFi, Anime and Fantasy characters in black and white. I could not choose just the green. It was all good!

IMG_6488 copy

I took around 400 photos so the 30 that really made me smile are less than 10 percent. I had a hard time cutting out happy people as it was. There were many wonderful costumes. I’ll start with Star Wars, the resistance:

Star Wars, the Empire, boy howdy kids LOVE Darth Vader. Go figure.:

I have no clue who this fabulous character is.

IMG_6379 copy

Poison Ivy? She was so deliciously green, and who doesn’t love some Mad Max? Uh, is that Mad Max?

IMG_6478 copy
I believe the person on the right is one of the manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins from Full Metal Alchemist, one of my favorite Animes. Is that young man Edward?

IMG_6455 copy

Suicide Squad?

IMG_6332 copy

IMG_6294 copy

I love this young Harlequin:

IMG_6335 copy
Dig the elf ears:
IMG_6229 copy

Frozen, Part II

IMG_6344 copy

Ghost Busters shopping:
IMG_6360 copy

This is a friend, Michael, who ran a booth with his wife, Liz, seen in an earlier photo with Darth Vader in their booth. I have worked with them both in professional theater. Aside from day jobs as a theater technician and an accompanist/music teacher, they write and perform murder mysteries and construct Steam Punk costumes and accessories.

IMG_6185 copy

Not only Muskegon’s first Con, it was my first Con. I have nothing to compare it to but I was pleased by the CoSplay, entire families were out dressed in costumes from home made (quite a few very nice home made ones actually) to store bought, from simple to elaborate. I’m glad something like this is trickling into West Michigan and I hope for a bigger Con next year.

* Note, Con goers, the theme of the challenge was How Easy it Was to Be Green. I loved that Hulk, was going to add Poison Ivy but there were too many great characters so I added them in black and white.

How green it is, more green posts

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