New Blog for Sailing

I worked a bit on it last night, set up a new email, new blog, new font, new look, some carefully chosen sailing shots then lost all the work because I forgot to initialize the blog. I’m sure you have been there, done that, wept copiously.

I decided to change the name of it anyway because we sailors cannot be encumbered by the thought process when there are parts to be repaired, brass to polish, bottoms that need sealed and sailing expenditures that need to be hidden from spouses. I chose the most simplistic name I could think of and get away with for free and so kims sailing photos toddles into being. (No apostrophe for kims as those are too hard to type into the URL space…amirite?)

Visit if you like, let me know what works, what dead-ends, so far only one post as my eyes are now tired. I set it up because all the other sailors wanted to see the photos of their boats and crews. It may be of limited interest to others.

DSCN5469 Bruce, Van, Phil

I wish for a great sailing season, and I hope the photos website works well. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “New Blog for Sailing

      • The lake Titicaca perhaps : ) Although we are highlanders in our society to get a balanced source of foods a part of us used to be sailors in the lake and in the far sea in those vast fleet of merchants. Perhaps a lake is a kind of mare nostrum, a personal sea… Lake Titicaca is the remains of an old sea, it’s saltier than usual.

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