March Gale

As my nephew says, “The Lake is angry today.” It’s been unusual weather, a big low up in Canada brought us gale winds…but no storm. Inland a lot of people lost power but I’m good tonight, here in the dunes.

DSC_0360 2017 March Gale FB WP recrop copy

For the record this is what Lake Michigan looked like yesterday when I shot the protected flowers in the back yard. It is still howling but I love being close to the sea, salt or no.

Edit: Crop

18 thoughts on “March Gale

    • Coastal people dismiss us as we are just inland fresh water lakes. Our lakes will sink ships and kill mariners without a second thought.

      Are you in West Cornwall? Blame the BBC and PBS and all those Poldark series with their beautiful shots of Cornwall coast but I’d love to see it someday. The spirit is willing to walk the paths, climb the crags and paddle the inlets but the back is right cantankerous.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I shot this on Woman’s Day so I guess it was good.

      How is your quest to replace your stolen gear? I miss your news from your part of the world.

      • It was wonderful, Kim. It just was like honey for my eyes… about the stolen things I replaced almost everything but the tripod (I am using one old and not so good from father that it’s quite funny because its legs are always trembling xD) the sad part is that I got a job and I take a credit to replace things, but in that work they were not serious so I lost instead of receiving a payment for my services (and I work honestly) so for now I am working for the bank, without much possibilities to do more, but well, I cannot give up. That’s the reason I couldn’t get before or frequently. But always miss you so I am here. Take care so much n_n

      • I was looking for your new posts. I enjoyed your photos and the way you show your world through your camera. I was concerned you did not have the equipment needed to continue your blog.

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